The FS client

The FS client is a tool for study administrative users including over 615 user windows and 500 reports and executable routines. These are divided thematically into 14 modules (plus Reporting):

FS is divided into a series of modules:


  • Enrolment: This is the module where all admissions procedural work is done, both local admissions and the national admissions through NUCAS.
  • Recognition: This module is used to register and process results from external exams from other institutions, specific recognition of in-house courses or specific recognition of part-time studies.
  • Program Student: This module is used to administer a student’s right to study in relationship to a given study program.
  • Student Exchange: This module is used for registering and administering an institution’s student exchange agreements with institutions from other countries.
  • Teaching: This module gives institutions the possibility to administer courses and lectures for the present or coming semester.
  • Exam: This module is used for planning and administering examinations and evaluation of student work.
  • Payment: This module is used for collection and administering student fees.
  • PhD: The PhD module is a continuation of an earlier stand-alone system. All procedural work for doctor students is done in this module.
  • Term Registration: This module is primarily used to prepare the Student Web for the coming semester. Institutions can make eventual local adjustments and specify deadlines for given semesters here.
  • Scholarship: The stipend module is used to administer and manage student stipends, dealing with distribution of endowment funds based on given criteria.
  • Qualifications: This module is used to work with finished studies and achieved degrees, qualifications, as well as to produce diplomas, certificates and Diploma Supplements.
  • Further Education: This module is used for administering continuing and further education courses and programs. Applicants apply through the Further Education Web (EVUWeb).
  • Courses and Programs: This module is used by the institutions to build up their study structure, consisting of courses, study programs and individual education plans. It is a central and extensive module that is the basis for all further work in FS.
  • Code Work: All of the common code-work for FS is found in this module, where institutions also can make local code adjustments.
  • Reporting: Presently FS is used to report to a number of Norwegian institutions connected to the educational sector (DBH, Lånekassa, SSB, BIBSYS, NIFU and Whereas certain reporting is done on a daily basis, other reports are sent in on a biannual basis.

All modules are connected and to a certain degree dependent on each other.

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