Overview over all FS-applicatons with development status. We are modernising and develop our solutions continously. We give a spesific development status where we no longer develop a spesific applications as part of the FS product. If the application has substantial information available in English, there will be a link in the table to follow.

Name Function Status
FS-klienten Study administrative tool where to purpose is to register and maintain study and student data.   


Admission to practice and internships, and administration of  internship agreements for FS-organisations and partners.   
EpN  Online course planning for faculty and administrative staff. A part of the process planning and maintaining studies  
EVUweb  Application portal with course catalogue, and registration and admission to life long learning programmes or courses, or learning initiatives without ECTS credits for students/participants  


Administrative tool for teachers and examiners to register attendence, results and reasons for awarded grades.  
Flyt Case process flow system between applicants, administrative and faculty staff used for cases concerning recognition of education.  no development


Online application form used by partner universities to nominate students to exchange agreements at FS-institutions.   


Mobile application used as digital student ID.  


Application that allows students to register for courses, view their student data and results, and update their individual study plan.   


Application portal for local admission at each university or college to study programmes not administered by NUCAS, mostly master programmes and shorter programmes, but also PhD-programmes.  
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