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Digital Student ID

The Student ID application is available for students at public universities and university colleges in Norway. This app can replace paper semester cards.

About the app

The app is accepted as a valid student ID by transport service companies in Norway. It is equivalent to the combination of a physical student ID and semester card. You will still need a student ID to access buildings and in order to borrow books, depending on your institution's rules and regulations.

For the Student ID app to be valid, you must first pay the semester fee and register your courses in StudentWeb. If the app does not show any photo of you, a different kind of valid ID With photo must be shown in addition to the app.

The app is available in Norwegian and English, and follows the standard language of your phone.

Which universities/university colleges uses the app?

The Student ID app can be used by students at most institutions using the study administrative systeme Felles studentsystem (FS).

How to log on to the student ID for the first time?

Download the Student ID app (provider Computas AS) from App Store (iOS)Google Play (Android) or Windows Store.

1) Open the app (requires internet access)

2) Choose your institution

3) Log on with your username and password (given to you from your institution)

4) Read the declaration of consent and accept (The app can only be used if you give your acceptance)

5) Read the terms and conditions and approve (The app can only be used if you approve the terms and conditions)

If you have paid the semester fee and you have completed the registration, this information will be shown in a yellow box at the bottom of the page. The semester receipt is saved in the app itself. This means that the app, after logging on and registering your payment of the semester fee, can be used without any internet connection.

NB! Remember to update the information in the app at the beginning of a new semester (Press "Update" inside the app).


Log in with username
and password

The student ID is valid

The student ID is not valid

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